March 28, 2022

SAS passengers relax in Vantage comfort

SAS passengers relax in Vantage comfort

Thompson Aero Seating is proud to announce that its Vantage seats are now
providing passengers with luxury and comfort on SAS’s new A321 LR aircraft.
In its mission to give the most enjoyable flight experience, SAS has introduced the
much-celebrated Vantage full-flat bed seats, which offer a 76” bed length from just a
44” pitch, meaning greater passenger comfort with no loss of density.
Thompson Aero Seating, part of AVIC Cabin Systems, is known for the comfort,
quality, and reliability it builds into every seat. The customised design for SAS offers
passengers the same luxurious feel as the VantageXL seats on the SAS A350 fleet,
a positive flight experience, and the opportunity to arrive at their destination
refreshed and relaxed.

The unique layout of the Vantage seats encompasses sets of double seats and
individual thrones. All offer the comfort expected from a Thompson Aero seat, but
the thrones offer an extra element of opulence and personal space. Working with
FactoryDesign, Thompson Aero Seating has used soft, textured materials and a grey
and charcoal colour pallet to add to the feeling of restfulness, with a pop of blue
accenting to match the SAS brand.

Thompson Aero Seating has provided SAS with a highly customised version of its
Vantage seat. It includes a great many features for added passenger comfort and
enjoyment of the flight. These touches of luxury include shoe stowage, a footwell
massage bar, a headphone strap and bottle retainer, and a cocktail table. The seat
positions can be adjusted and fine-tuned by the passenger and includes a leg rest
and lumbar support.

Andy Morris, VP Commercial at AVIC Cabin Systems, says: “We worked very closely
with SAS to understand their ethos, aims, and requirements. We are really pleased
with the results of our collaboration. The seats look great, and we hope they will
prove hugely popular with SAS’s passengers.”