May 21, 2024

Thompson invests in inspiration and innovation for AIX

Thompson invests in inspiration and innovation for AIX

Thompson Aero Seating is bringing a confident mix of inspiration and innovation to AIX 2024
as it continues to invest in its expanding and evolving premium seating range.

Vantage Seating Range
At Hamburg this year, Thompson is presenting its entire and growing Vantage premium seating range, showcasing its very latest advances with products designed for all Airbus and Boeing single- and twin-aisle aircraft platforms. The innovative seating ranges provide people-centric solutions to maximise passenger comfort, privacy and personal space,
optimising every inch of cabin real estate, in forward-facing and angled configurations.

Andy Morris, Chief Commercial Officer at Thompson Aero Seating, says: “Our Vantage seating family comprises ‘living products’ – seats that continually evolve with new, innovative features, constantly enhanced according to airline and passenger feedback. We are proud to be able to provide customers with real-time developments rather than wait several years for a ‘new product’ to be released.”

Project Echo
With its expertise in the innovation and production of luxury seating well-established,
Thompson is shining the spotlight on the colour, materials and finish (CMF), an often-over-looked aspect of seating design. Project Echo is an exploration by the CMF team at Thompson, inspired by the heritage, culture, landscape and colours of Northern Ireland. The CMF team has used the essence of its surroundings, along with key colour trend predictions to bring a brand aesthetic to its own Vantage seating that captures the spirit of the land.

Andy Morris says: “The way in which the CMF team has translated the heritage and influences of Northern Ireland into an aligned and distinctive brand range of colours and textures for our seating is very impressive. The seats look amazing, and we are excited to invite customers and potential customers to our stand to experience the look and feel of the
seats for themselves.”

The sustainability journey for Thompson continues and having introduced its ‘material collaboration’ approach at AIX 2023, all aspects of the business have now been reviewed, in order to produce a sustainability report for 2024. This will enable Thompson to continue to shape its strategies to help the company to conduct itself today in a way that will safeguard the future.

Dynamic Test Facility
Thompson’s Dynamic Test Facility was opened at the end of last year and contributes to the sustainability, inspiration and innovation of its seats. The facility is crucial to future development at Thompson. Having full on-site testing facilities allows Thompson and its customers to keep ahead of new trends, to research and develop new materials, and to
ensure that engineering advances are quickly certificated.

Andy Morris says: “Thompson has invested significant time and money during the last year into developments that will benefit the entire industry, from both product and sustainability perspectives. We are delighted to have the opportunity to meet with our airline customers at AIX, to share ideas and to explain more about the innovation and inspiration behind our industry-leading seats.”