Explore our seating range

Explore our seating range

Intelligent Design

Thompson Aero Seating is renowned for its cutting-edge design, engineering, and manufacture of premium aircraft seating. 

Our bespoke solutions use intelligent design to maximise passengers’ comfort and personal space, optimising every inch of the cabin.

We offer a wide range of innovative, highly efficient, and reliable business- and first-class seating products. The Vantage seating range from Thompson Aero Seating includes products for twin- and single-aisle aircraft, all of which can be delivered with a high level of customisation.

Single / Twin Aisle

Full-flat business-class comfort, with maximised cabin density, for single- and twin-aisle aircraft

Twin Aisle

Work, relax, and sleep in luxury. Business class for twin-aisle aircraft

Single Aisle

The world’s first all direct aisle-access full-flat bed, designed and certified for single-aisle aircraft

Single Aisle

Full relaxation, maximum density, for single-aisle aircraft